• 3D Printing

    IPrint Lincs offers a 3D printing service. Do you want anything printing? If so, this option is for you!

I offer FDM and SLA 3D Printing. The different 3D Printing technology is explained below:


Fused Deposition Modelling is one of the most common 3D Printing technologies available. FDM printers use filament, which is a roll of a continuous, thin plastic that is fed into an extruder mechanism to be melted by the hotend. This results in melted plastic coming out of the nozzle onto the build plate, where the model is printed layer-by-layer. This technology is used for large models, and ones which do not require a high amount of detail.


Stereolithography, or SLA 3D Printing is used when the model requires a high level of detail, which would not be optimal or achievable using a FDM 3D Printer. Instead of filament being heated up, photopolymer resin is poured into the printer's vat. An ultraviolet light is shone through a screen, commonly LCD, this displays an image of the current layer, so the UV light cures the resin in the desired shape.

Step 1

Have a look on 3D file websites such as ThingiverseYeggiCults 3D and similar sites to see if there is a pre-existing file of what you would like printing. 

Step 2

If you have no file, contact me and I will see if I am able to create one for you.

Step 4

Once you have contacted me, I will have a look at the file, see if it is possible to print and get you a cost.

Step 3

Once you have a file, you can contact me through any of the methods displayed on the contact page. 

I have printed products in the past for people, such as Knitting parts and Geocache containers. Some examples are shown below.

I have also provided 3D Printing for companies, small businesses and events:

UK MEGA 2021 Logo
CC Sews Handmade Logo
Annie's Vegan Treats Logo
Tube Engineers Logo
  • 3D Design

    IPrint Lincs offers a 3D design service. Do you want a 3D model creating?

IPrint Lincs has created many 3d designs and prints for customers. If you are requiring a 3d model, please contact me using one of the options on the contact page so we can discuss the design further.

Here are a few examples of what I have designed in the past:

Are you interested in these services, if so, please visit my contact page by clicking the button below.

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