IPrint Lincs was created in June 2020. 

I began 3D printing as a hobby in 2019, making small items for personal use. I soon began getting requests from friends and family, and before I knew it, I had to upgrade my printer to keep up with demand!

I now have three 3D printers and work with customers, both local and international, to produce items including, parts for anything from knitting machines to Geocache containers and my biggest seller, anti steam mask clips.

IPrint Lincs is not a full-time job for me, as I am an apprentice. This is something to keep me occupied during my spare time! 😅

I offer 3D printing and 3D design services based in Lincolnshire. To view more information about the individual services, click on the services button below or contact me through the live chat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

I am based in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom.

Can I request a 3D print?

Yes, you can request something that you would like me to print for you. You could send me the files or I could possibly design something for you. The button below will take you to the services page which has more information about this.

What are the different technologies you have available?


Fused Deposition Modelling is one of the most common 3D Printing technologies available. FDM printers use filament, which is a roll of a continuous, thin plastic that is fed into an extruder mechanism to be melted by the hotend. This results in melted plastic coming out of the nozzle onto the build plate, where the model is printed layer-by-layer. This technology is used for large models, and ones which do not require a high amount of detail.


Stereolithography, or SLA 3D Printing is used when the model requires a high level of detail, which would not be optimal or achievable using a FDM 3D Printer. Instead of filament being heated up, photopolymer resin is poured into the printer's vat. An ultraviolet light is shone through a screen, commonly LCD, this displays an image of the current layer, so the UV light cures the resin in the desired shape.

What colours are your 3D Prints available in?

I have most of the common colours available, to see what colours I currently have, please contact me.

Do you have a privacy policy?

This website has a privacy policy, you can view it here:

What postage service do you use?

I use Royal Mail 2nd Class for all my postage unless you are purchasing from somewhere outside the United Kingdom. This is usually £0.96 to the UK with most items. However, this depends on what you have ordered. The correct postage price will appear once you begin the checkout process.

Are the prints that you sell designed by you or taken from Thingiverse?

Some of the 3D prints that I sell are models from Thingiverse and some prints I’ve designed myself. In each product’s description, I will say if I have designed the model or not. If a product’s design has been taken from Thingiverse, it will be attributed in the product page’s description.

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